The Global Coffee Platform


4C AssociationThe Global Coffee Platform is an inclusive multi-stakeholder sustainability platform aligning the activities of a diverse network of stakeholders to set into action the global commitments made through Vision 2020 and create a thriving and sustainable coffee sector.

Combining the expansive membership of the 4C Association with the pre-competitive activities of the Sustainable Coffee Program, the Global Coffee Platform marks a new era of sustainability for the coffee sector.

The Global Coffee Platform (GCP) works by a bottom up approach, uniting both public and private sector actors to create a common vision on the most critical sustainability challenges at a producing country level and feeding these national priorities into a global agenda. The GCP then offers all coffee stakeholders, large and small, the opportunity to engage in this global agenda through action-oriented work-streams. Tackling the most pressing challenges, these work-streams aim to improve the effectiveness of sustainability programs and contribute to greater impact on the livelihoods of coffee farming communities and the natural environment of coffee production areas around the world.

The Global Coffee Platform also supports  the use of the Baseline Common Code, a set of globally referenced baseline principles and practices for coffee production and processing. Through the support of this reference code, the GCP aims to enable sector-wide adoption of minimum sustainability requirements and create a level playing field for collectively reporting and measuring improvements.


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AB (Agriculture Biologique)


The BIO Agency

Created in November 2001, the French agency for the development and promotion of organic farming, is the national platform for information and action that is part of a dynamic development, promotion and structuring of French organic farming.


Since 2001 the BIO Agency is a public interest group that brings together:

Missions and Agency Activities in 2001

The missions of the BIO Agency are in particular:

  • communicate and learn about organic farming and its products, its environmental impact, social and territorial
  • develop and deepen the national observatory of organic farming,
  • facilitate dialogue between partners and contribute to the structuring of sectors, market development and inter-professional dynamics,
  • manage notifications of producers and other operators certified,
  • AB to manage brand communication purposes.

The BIO Agency has also been responsible for creating and animating the Agency Liaison Committee BIO / Interprofessions in threefold design and co-manage a program joint communication,  identify the axes of development and means common to contribute to lift the brakes to the structuring of sectors ,  create synergies for the realization of other actions.

The work of Agence BIO is organized around three major axes:

Inform the general public and professionals ▼

An observatory to know and anticipate ▼

The development and structuring of sectors: the Fund FUTURE BIO ▼


Its operation is based on two bodies and four annual fees:

A major policy council

It brings together all the partners involved in the development of French organic farming (administrations, agricultural boards, trade unions, research institutes, certification bodies, consumer associations …). The great orientation committee is regularly informed of the progress of the work of Agence BIO. He gives his opinion on the directions taken in the development and promotion of organic farming.

A restricted Management Board

It brings together member agencies Agence Bio:

  • public authorities: the MAAF, MMSE
  • professional structures: APCA, Coop de France, FNAB, Synabio.

Four commissions thematics

They are held once a year laying down guidelines and presenting the projects undertaken:

  • Commission chains and Markets
  • Monitoring Commission
  • Commission Communication
  • Environment and territories Commission




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