Natural Sea Sponges Product Review

Natural Sea Sponges Product Review


The natural sea sponge is a natural product that is harvested from the sea for purposes of bathing your baby. It is specifically made for bathing newborn babies. It is softer compared to the traditional washcloths.

• The natural sea sponge is sizable for you as an adult to hold on your hand while washing your baby. However, there are larger sponges which range from 4 to 5 inches as well as mini sponges of 1.5 to 2 inches in size. It is worth noting that the mini sponges are particularly used to clean your baby around the little ears and eyes comfortably.

• The parked natural sea sponges are long lasting. Even though the natural sponges are fragile and some are not long lasting, multiple sponges are provided within a park to cater for such factors as wear and tear for you to enjoy the product for quite some time.

• The sea sponge is a virtually practical gift for your lovely baby. It is beautifully packed in a storage bag and comes as a baby gift or shower gift. It is packed in mind with the company’s motto that strives to produce the best for your baby.

• It is gentle as well as caressing. The natural sea sponge is hypo-allergenic and soft. When it is fully saturated, it becomes absorbent and the sponges actually produce a very rich lather.

• It is 100% eco-friendly and natural. The sea sponge has properties that make it naturally anti-bacterial as well as anti-fungal. The sponge is cautiously harvested from the renewable resources.

• Even though the product undergoes a thorough washing process to remove sand and shell particles that can be lodged inside the tubes containing these sponges, sometimes tiny fragments do remain. It is therefore recommended that the sponges are exhaustively rinsed as well as inspected for these particles before they are used for the first time.

• This product should only be used by an adult responsibly in all instances.

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