WeWood Date Chocolate—a Green Purchase

WeWood Date Chocolate—a Green Purchase

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Watches have always been an important accessory for almost people as it does not only provide an easy access to time but also adds style and beauty to the one wearing it.

There are hundreds of brand and model of watches that are now available on the market. But one company is starting to create a name in the industry by introducing an all natural, eco-friendly and stylish collection of watches—the WeWood Watches.

Background and Environmental Ethos

WeWood is only one of the few brands of watches that are advocating on using an all natural materials for their products. This company originated in Italy with a reputation of creating diverse collection of luxury watches with the aim of promoting the welfare of the planet earth.

The goal of WeWood is to create social awareness on rediscovering nature and creating measures to protect it through their sophisticated watches. All of the time pieces of WeWood are created out of recycled woods, ensuring that no trees were directly harmed from making WeWood timepieces.

A more remarkable feature of WeWood is that for every piece of WeWood Timepiece that will be purchased, one tree will be planted. WeWood in partnership with American Forest was remarkably able to plant 5,000 trees on their first 3 months of operation.

Although WeWood is still on its way on successfully making it to the industry, they hope to continue their philosophy in advocating the restoration of out nature, and eventually they hope to create an excellent legacy through their eco-luxury watches.

WeWood Date Chocolate

WeWood Timepieces are known to produce watch collections that are both eco-friendly and super stylish.

Their watch collection authentically looks all natural, thanks to the quality of recycled woods that they are using. A number of earth-tone colours are being used with WeWood timepieces depending on the type of recycled woods used like maple, red wing celtis and ebony.

The WeWood Date Chocolate watch in particular is one Timepiece that exhibits notable style. WeWood Date watch collection is known to have a distinctive colour that is similar with those used for musical instruments, making it a perfect add on for your casual attire.

Specs and Features

The Date-Chocolate watch in particular reflects a strong shade of brown, making it a perfect accessory for men. It is designed with a traditional round frame, with a band measurement of 8.75” and face measurement of 1.6” x 0.5”.

Users can definitely keep an accurate track of time made possible through the Miyota movement plus the luminous hands and markers of the WeWood Date Chocolate watches.

Date-Chocolate watches come in an analog time system and is splash resistant. Specifically, Indian Rosewood is the primary material used for the construction of WeWood Date Chocolate watch, including its band. Indian Rosewood is known to have this classic solid shade of brown, giving this timepiece a stronger and bolder look, but with a sprinkle of naturalness.

By purchasing timepieces from WeWood, you are not only making a unique eco-fashion statement, but more importantly you are taking part in the venture of WeWood in restoring and rebuilding the beauty that our planet earth once had.

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