The Power House of Veggies Peas

The Power House of Veggies Peas


Pea’s are a well of Nutrition. They are great for weight loss, You can eat a cup of peas and you will only be consuming 100 calories. They are loaded with protein, they help prevent against Cancer and, they pump up your Immune system. Peas also raise your energy level and they contain Omega-3. They are heart smart and also contain vitamins e and c. With Diabetes they regulate the blood sugar and, reduce the bad cholesterol. They contain Vitamins K and B for your bones as well.

Peas are also good to the skin and contain zinc. They are a natural food and, there are so many recipes Peas can be used in. Peas are a huge nutritional value. Now, let’s talk about selecting your peas. Always make sure your peapods are bright green.The brighter green they are, the more vitamins they retain. Try this Italian salad.

Here we go!

2 tbsp Olive Oil
1 Onion chopped
2 Garlic cloves minced
16 oz of Frozen peas
1 Tbsp Chicken stock
Salt, Pepper to taste

Place in a skillet to cook for 5 Minutes. Then simmer for 10 Minutes.

Here’s wishing you good health.

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