Three Green Fashion Resolutions You Should Keep

Three Green Fashion Resolutions You Should Keep

photo: Markus Spiske

Ecofashion is big in 2015 and I’m predicting it would go even bigger for 2016. Not really surprising, I’ve bought one or two eco-friendly clothes for my wardrobe and side-by-side, they’re every bit as good as the regular ones. Plus, I got to feel good about myself on my purchase.
This year though, I’ve decided to take it one step further. If this year is anything like last year, I’d be expanding my wardrobe again for numerous functions. I’ll probably be spending several thousand by the time 2015 ends – so why not spend those thousands on more than just clothes that make me look good?

Browsing through the internet, I’ve managed to find sustainable fashion choices that prompted me to make the decision: go green for 2015! Here’s how I intend to make this happen:

1 – I’ll Buy Organic Materials From Now On!
Clothes made from natural fibers means that there’s less garbage being dumped on Mother Nature. You’ll be surprised at the extent of choices out there: organic cotton, soy bean fiber, bamboo fiber, seacell, and hemp. I prefer the organic cotton because that’s what I’m used to – but the bamboo fiber is especially luxurious to the touch. They’re typically colored with low-impact dyes which mean that I don’t have to spend 24-hours wearing something that’s probably bleached in heavy metals.

2 – Fair Trade is Fair
Fair Trade is defined as trade wherein prices are fairly paid to producers, usually located in developing countries. I find this to be an excellent system and I have every intention of supporting the industry. Fortunately, there are currently dozens of fashion products that are under the Fair Trade regimen. You can check out the Fair Trade Shopping Guide – they provide a fairly comprehensive list of clothing certified under the Fair Trade. Of course, you can still purchase Made in USA products, but make sure to make room for your budget in Fair Trade!

3 – Pass It On and Recycle!
Of course, let’s not forget the fact that some of our old clothes are perfect, even if say, green is no longer the ‘in’ color for the next 12 months. Fortunately for me, my age means that I can stick to the classics – it’s usually the younger generation that changes their fashion statement on a quarterly basis. Anyway, I’ve resolved to make sure that I’ll either: (1) donate my old clothes, (2) buy new ones from thrift shops if I can get away with it, (3) recycle my classic cuts for different purposes, and essentially limit my spending to organic fashion! The fact is that I don’t have to go to great lengths to look good and so do you!

The eco-friendly fashion industry is getting lots of attention – but it needs more than that to survive! I’m committed to start switching my wardrobe and fashion lifestyle to the more eco-friendly kind and so should you! Of course, that’s just three of the green fashion resolutions we should all keep – if you’ve got any more, feel free to comment them!
Loreen Dave

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