5 Ways to Make Money With Your Recycling

5 Ways to Make Money With Your Recycling

photo: Per Hardestam

It is common knowledge that you can make a difference and help the environment with the simple act of recycling. Obviously by reusing the planets resources, they are depleted more slowly than if nothing is done at all. This is great news, but did you know that you can actually make money while you recycle? There are several ways that you can profit from your old junk while helping the environment.

Aluminum Cans
Did you know you can get some money back for donating your cans to recycling facilities in your state? Some states pay between five and ten cents per can, other states pay by the pound. If they pay by the pound, you could be looking at gaining approximately 35 cents for a pound of cans. It’s better than throwing them away for free.

Old Electronics
There are many sites on the internet that will buy your old electronics from you. A good example of a site like this is Gazelle.com. These sites focus on computers, cell phones, flat screen monitors, DVD players, and much more. Your old electronics should be in decent condition if you expect to sell them. If they are broken, most sites won’t accept them. By selling your old electronics you will not only be putting a little green in your pocket, but also helping out those people in third world countries that can’t afford the latest technology.

If you can’t find a specific program to unload your garbage on, you should think about selling it on Ebay. You would be amazed at what people will pay for on Ebay. You might also be amazed at what doesn’t sell. If you are looking at selling your old stuff on Ebay, do a little research first. You will be able to see what similar products are selling for. This will reduce the time and effort you spend when putting your stuff on Ebay.

By donating your old junk to charity you can earn a considerable tax donation. Maybe you have a car that just isn’t worth it anymore. You may get more money back from your taxes than from selling it yourself. If you have old clothes or books, you can get a tax break from those as well. You don’t have to sell your stuff outright to be able to make money from it.

Recycle Golf Balls
If you are a golfer, you may want to keep an eye out for errant golf balls on the course. Just make sure someone isn’t using them first. You can take these golf balls and sell them to sites like OnlyGolfBalls.com. They will pay for your little treasures. They take these golf balls, clean them and resell them to customers who are looking at saving a few bucks on there next major golf ball purchase.

There are hundreds of ways to make money with your recycling if you are willing to look for them. If you have something interesting, special, or useful then someone will be willing to pay for it. Just make sure you get the right price.
Written by: Christopher Lawrence

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