How to Quit a Bottled Water Habit

How to Quit a Bottled Water Habit

photo: sanja gjenero

Switching from drinking bottled water to tap is great way to help the environment and save money. Here are 5 tips to make the transition easier and get others to join in.

1. Get Over It
There is nothing about bottled water that makes it better or safer than tap water. In fact, tap water has even more government oversight and often less risk of contamination. Tap water usually has fluoride added to help prevent tooth decay and costs only pennies a gallon. On the other hand, even inexpensive bottled water costs even more than gasoline! Get over your misconceptions about the purity of bottled water and focus on saving both money and the environment.

2. Get the Right Equipment
A good sink filter will remove any chlorine and minerals in your tap water, making it’s taste nearly identical to spring water. Get a good reusable bottle (aluminum is the greenest choice!) so that you don’t have to buy bottled water when you’re out of the house.

3. Keep It Interesting
No one likes to drink plain water all the time. Think of creative and healthy ways to avoid splurging on sugary bottled sodas and sports drinks. Brew flavored ice tea and keep a pitcher in the fridge. Add some lemon juice or a few fresh raspberries to a glass. Buy “to go” packs of drink mixes and mix them up in your reusable bottle.

4. Recruit Others
Recruit your family and friends to join you in getting rid of plastic bottles. If your workplace stocks bottled water in the company fridge, encourage them to put filters on the tap instead. You can even ask local restaurants to offer only tap water to customers.

5. Remember to Recycle
It’s unlikely that you’ll never use a plastic bottle again. Milk, juice and many other products still come in these bottles. When purchasing plastic is inevitable make sure you recycle. Don’t be afraid to be the hippie-type of the group and keep reminding your friends and family to do the same!

When you break it down, giving up bottled water really isn’t very hard at all. Any compromises are far outweighed by the benefits to your health, the environment and your wallet. Try quitting today!
Written by: ErinM521

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