Fun and Informative Eco-Friendly Activities to Do With Your Children

Fun and Informative Eco-Friendly Activities to Do With Your Children

photo: Viktors Kozers

It is a well-known fact that your children thrive when you give them your undivided attention. These moments also provide the perfect opportunity to teach your child about the environment. However, this does not mean sitting them down on the couch and listing off all of the facts they need to know. You children will learn a whole lot more and remember the information if they are enjoying themselves. Finding fun and informative eco-friendly activities to do with your children is the perfect way to blend education with entertainment.

Instead of flying the family to a resort for vacation, enjoy the great outdoors. Take the kids fishing or camping. While you are there, your children can learn about the plants and wildlife found there as you go through your daily activities. Besides, hiking, canoeing, swimming, and other activities you can engage in on your trip are great for your health and the environment.

Perhaps one of the most fun and informative activities to do with your children is gardening. By giving your child their own personal garden, they learn how things grow and flourish with the pride and responsibility from being able to do it themselves. Even if you do not know how to garden, you can all learn together. The plants help clean the air and you will also help the environment by saving all of the packaging and transportation costs that come with imported vegetables. You and your family will also be able to enjoy the fresh, pesticide-free produce.

Play green games with the kids. Get each child to look around the house and yard for places where you might be wasting utilities. The children could then earn a small reward for each “wasted” situation they can find or possible situations they can think of. This gets them thinking about their surroundings and causes them to stop the next time they leave a room and forget to turn off the light. This type of game also works while going for a walk. As you go, how many environmentally damaging activities can you find? Gas lawnmowers, windows open in extreme heat or cold, and water overshooting the lawn are just a few typical examples you can find. The reasons you child gives for something being hurtful to the environment can also be rather quite entertaining.

Walking or biking with your children gives you a chance to have conversations with them without being interrupted by the phone, computer, or the television. To help the environment, take a few bags with you. You can then collect cans and bottles that can be returned for the deposit in many places. If not, it will make your local area look cleaner by getting rid of some of the garbage.

Crafting with your children is a wonderful eco-friendly activity. By reusing items such as toilet paper rolls, plastic containers, and cereal box cardboard, you and your children can spend hours creating interesting works of art. In order to gain the most benefit from this activity, save some of these items in a “supply” box and allow your children to help you decide what materials can be reused.

The earth is in trouble and instilling the importance of the environment is a vital part of their education. This can be difficult especially with today’s busy lifestyles. Whether it is for a few minutes or an entire two-week vacation, these activities allow you to inform your children no matter how much time you have. Fun and informative eco-friendly activities to do with your children will teach them life lessons and create memories that last for a lifetime.
by:Angie N

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